Debby, don’t let the door hit you … on the way out

Debby is finally on her way out. She has weakened from a Tropical Storm to a Tropical Depression. Depressed is exactly how she is leaving many Florida residents and guests after lingering off Florida’s west coast since the weekend, spawning flash floods and tornadoes.

In Orlando, the amusement parks were less crowded. That might have been a plus for some visitors. There was even a report that one of the water parks at the Walt Disney World Resort closed temporarily. On the beaches, rain slickers replaced swim suits as de rigueur attire.

A sign outside a church in the Jacksonville area captured the sentiment of many: “If you prayed for rain, you can stop now.”

Debby reminds me of those house guests who have such a  good time, they don’t want to leave. Finally, she’s getting a clue.  She’s leaving, but she is in no hurry. She is crossing land but it may take her until Saturday to reach the Atlantic.

Although my first memories of summer 2012 are of relentless rain and winds ripping through my screen enclosure, I have hope that summer, as I know it, is on the horizon.

Debby: Tropical Storm

National Weather Service, National Hurricane Center, Miami, FL, Graphical Tropical Weather Outlook, June 25, 2012, 2 a.m. (EDT)

I live in sunny Florida. Hmm. Let me rephrase that. I live in gray, wet and windy Florida. At present, Tropical Storm Debby is causing nearly perpetual rain and gusts of wind that make me think her status is greater than “tropical storm.”

Apparently, Mother Nature did not get the brochures with the invitation to play and stay in the Florida sun, a location that offers summer year round. So much for truth in advertising.

Summer began with a vengeance in the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic United States bringing record-breaking heat. Oh, and lots of sun.

Debby seems to have taken those brochures to heart, especially “play and stay,” as she remains nearly stationary off the west coast of Florida in the Gulf of Mexico. I understand the attraction, really I do. I enjoyed living on the west coast of Florida, in Clearwater Beach,  where the Gulf of Mexico was my backyard. The job, however, called me elsewhere.

The website of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) stated about Debby early morning June 25, “She is expected to slowly meander over the next day or so.” Meander? Really, the next day or so?

Debby, I think it’s time to dissipate. Take your threats of tornadoes, heavy rains and flooding with you. Let the sun shine. “Let the sunshine in, let the sunshine in. …”