Instant karma, the good kind

John Turner talks to reporter Eric Horng.

Doing good is its own reward — so I’ve been told and so I believe. Tonight my heart was really warmed by a story on what may be called instant karma, the good kind. Whatever you may call it, God smiled on John Turner Sunday.

Turner, 38, runs a water removal business in Chicago. He and his staff traveled to New Jersey to help cleanup houses flooded by Hurricane Sandy. He helped some people for free.

Last Sunday, after hours of hard work, Turner bought a few N.J. lottery tickets. One scratch-off ticket proved quite fortunate. In mere moments, Turner was $100,000 richer.

Rewards for goodness are not always so immediate, so generous, so palpable. I am grateful for the people in this world who lend a helping hand, never expecting anything in return. I imagine John Turner felt rich and blessed just to be able to help people caught up in a whirlwind of devastation. To the people Turner helped, he was already a winner.

Photo: WLS-TV, Chicago