Eating breakfast out is one of my favorite things. I regularly join my friend Hyun at TooJay’s Gourmet Deli in Ocoee, Florida, for political discourse and good old-fashioned girl talk. Hyun brings me edible treats, perfectly wrapped in cellophane, from the Korean market for my late night snacks and an occasional tome from her late husband’s extensive library. Late night snacks go best with a good book.

Craving coffee, we give Don that look and soon he arrives with cups of coffee and menus. We have a routine. No, it is not the food. Our orders differ with our desires. The routine is my greeting exchange with Don. It is not on the menu but it is one of my favorite things at this deli.

“Good morning, Don. How are you?” I ask.

Don responds, “I’m flawless.”

I like that response. I like it a lot.

Don’s response of “I’m flawless” is amazing, almost magical. He is a veteran of Iraq and Dubai. I’ve never known battle. My days are not spent worrying about being wounded or killed by an Improvised Explosive Device (IED) or whether or not I will return home in one piece or at all.

Certainly, regardless of the day or the people in it, it is possible for me to say and believe, “I’m flawless.” It’s a great response — an instant “up lift.” Give it a try.

Photo: Millenium Star Diamond