Bless our communications

Nearly six years ago, my director asked me to give the opening prayer at our communications department meeting. I looked through books and surfed the Internet but I could not find a prayer that resonated with me. So, I wrote one. I realize it has applications beyond my department meeting. I will include it in my upcoming ebook of prayers.

Bless Our Communications

Lord, bless our communications

with one another and the world.


By our calling and our profession,dreamstimefree_120186

we share your good news

through all channels of communication —

in the spoken and written word

as well as through the art

that graces the printed and the virtual page.painting1 portrait of woman reading a newspaper


Grant us patience in this journey —

give us the right words to say

and the right way to say them.


May our words be kind —

may they bring comfort

to people we see in our daily lives

and to those we may never meet.


May we remain open to what you have to say Lord.

May we honor your expression.


Copyright © 2009 by Tanya Goodman


Image: “Portrait of a Woman Reading a Newspaper,” oil on canvas by Stanislaw Debicki, Wikigallery

Microphone photo: © Jostein Hague|Dreamstime Stock Photos