Ready for weekend gold

London 2012 Olympic Torch

Ready for the weekend? I remember more than a few Monday afternoons, following a morning of the unexpected, more than expected and more of the same, when I would say, “I can’t wait for the weekend.” At my desk, walking to a meeting — wherever — there was an inevitable chorus of responses: “Me, too” or “Amen.”

Well, I am really ready for this weekend. I can’t wait for the opening ceremonies of the Games of the XXX Olympiad in London. Of course I feel great pride when I see the U.S. flag and our Olympic delegation. But there is more. Watching the opening ceremonies, I am proud of my global family. The parade of flags and athletes of all the nations is humanity’s stellar moment.

From just a few athletes to a large delegation — it doesn’t matter — they represent the best in all of us. At that moment, in those athletes, we glimpse the culmination of our hopes, our possibilities and our dreams.

When I watch these athletes in the days ahead, I will remember the sacrifices they, and their families, have made. Early morning hours, long days of practice, performing through aches and pains, all with a singular focus.  They just wanted to be the best.

Hearing their stories and watching them perform inspires me to reach higher. I must greet every day like an Olympian. I must maintain my faith, my focus to achieve my goal. I must do that one extra thing that will make me a champion.