Incredible lightness in my being

Paused mid-day to pray, asking God to excuse me for being so scattered. As I finished the prayer, I realized God would guide me to do what needed to be done and provide the desire and energy to do it. My amazing friend percussionist Jewfwah proclaimed to me yesterday that he was taking this day off. A day off for him is still slightly busy but filled with things he enjoys. Maybe it will be a day off for me as well.

As I sat there, I began to feel an incredible lightness in my being. It was like a boulder that had been pinning me down fell away. I felt as if I had suddenly lost 10 pounds (miracles do happen). It felt as if the ethers had parted and radiant beams of light began tickling my soul. I knew something incredibly good was manifesting for me in the universe.

fairy on crescent moon

What a joyous feeling. I feel as if I am hanging out on a moon beam enjoying the spectacular light show in the sky all around me.

It is dazzling majestic divine order. I hope I never forget this feeling.

Clip Art: Fairy on crescent moon.