Valentine’s Day is not for the faint-of-heart

It is the day before Valentine’s Day and I am happy to report that at least one greeting card has arrived by mail. Also happy to report I did not send it to myself (girls can we talk?).

This afternoon, I heard the familiar sound of a UPS truck. Yes, familiar. The UPS driver was at my house so often last year, we were on a first-name basis. I ran to the window and yes, there was the truck parked right in front of my door. What excitement. Someone has sent me a surprise gift.

cahearts nstockphoto11843017

I opened my door but somehow had lost sight of the driver. I closed the door to maintain the warm, toasty air inside. I realized it must be a pretty big package because the driver probably went to the rear of the truck to retrieve it. I continued peering through the peephole when suddenly I saw the driver walking from my neighbor’s house across the street. He hopped in the truck and then drove away. What? How can this be? He never delivers to that house. How can you trick a woman this way on Valentine’s eve?

Oh, well. The gift of chocolate I received earlier will certainly help assuage my woes.

Chocolate with laughter on top — an unbeatable combination. For you, a YouTube video of a very funny “Dating Game” episode from the TV show “In Living Color,” with Jim Carrey and Jamie Foxx. Happy Valentine’s Day.