Morning mania, joy in the afternoon

This morning work was manic — data flew at me, questions interrupted and technology challenged me. My foster kitten added to the mania by running underneath my chair, over my feet and overturning a bowl, scattering premium cat chow all over the kitchen. Still, I knew everything would get done. I just couldn’t get it all completed instantly.

Sometimes, I fall into the mentality of the microwave society that everything must happen now, instantly. Finally, I could take a break. I walked outside to check the mail. There was a slight, welcome breeze in the air. Checking the mail, I found a couple of unwelcome surprises. The correspondence left me a little confused. Usually, after a few seconds of what I believe to be insults to my person, a seemingly instantaneous woe develops. This time I didn’t let it ruffle my spirit. No indignation here. I planned some practical steps and sought higher ground, mentally and emotionally. In spite of little distractions lately, I remembered what Richard Carlson wrote, “Don’t sweat the small stuff and it’s all small stuff.” I knew my spirit to be in a good place.

Like a pebble hitting the water and causing a few ripples, the rest of the water remains calm. I breathed deeply, seeking that calm.

I ate lunch at the dining table and warmed my cup of tea. I relaxed, meditated and prayed and thought about the many wonderful things that have transpired lately, filling me with joy. I want more of that. I will be more of that. Accepting more joy in my life elevates me to a better place.

This feeling of joy makes me nicer to people, more patient and understanding. I hopetea and joy the people I see or speak to today can feel and be touched by some of the joy I bring. My being resonates with joy and joy is building momentum in my life. No matter what may happen in the days ahead, I know, now, I can easily navigate back to that center of calm and my being will once again resonate with joy.


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Counting stars, losing the moon




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