Marching forth

I am taking a moment of repose,

A moment to be still in the midst of the cacophony of distractions of the day.

I remember I need stillness, sometimes, to refresh my knowing that God is in charge.

My virtue of patience also needs refreshing. No, revitalizing is more like it. Refreshing is when you’re served cold lemonade on a hot, sunny day lounging by the pool. Flash back to the Florida house. Revitalizing is something short of CPR.

In a television show, decades ago, Comedian George Kirby spoke about his troubles and missteps.  He said something that made a lasting impression on me: “God may not come when you want him to, but he’s always on time.”

My patience has slowly eroded these past few months. For me, on time was Candlemas Day (February 2). A day for blessing candles, welcoming the light of the world, seemed so appropriate.

I believe in miracles and I expect them every day. Right now, I desire my miracle to look like a Cecil B. DeMille spectacular.Ten commandments moses

I remember to count my blessings. My February auto accident left my car damaged but I was unharmed physically. I was, however, a nervous wreck.

As many people say to me when they learn of the accident, “Thank God, you are not hurt and no one else was hurt.” I do believe I will learn something from the experience that will benefit me one day. I forgot to mention that although the other driver struck my car, I was the one who received the citation.

I try to be mindful and live in the moment. Now, is all there is. I hope for good things now and for good things to come. I know what I do today helps create my tomorrows. When I am too tired to walk five more minutes on the treadmill, I remind myself I will see the results in the days and weeks ahead. There will be a good payoff for my health, how I look and feel. I have to invest in the now and make the best of each day I am given.

I am breathing. I am able. I am alive. I know my life possesses infinite possibilities.

Image: courtesy of Paramount



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