All aboard the emotions express

Life was boundless when I was a teenager. Dreams and possibilities swirled through my mind. There were no limits. It seemed as if there would always be a tomorrow.

As the years passed, I began to realize the wisdom of the earlier generation. “Life is short, enjoy it and don’t put things off. Tomorrow is not promised,” they used to remind me.

I could hear tinkling like wind chimes in my mind when I read Jamie Lee Wallace’s (Suddenly Jamie) Sept. 20, 2014, post to her blog “Live to Write — Write to Live.” The theme was life is short.

Indeed, life is short. Every morning I decide to be happy and make the best use of that day. I want to go to sleep knowing I made wonderful use of the 24 hours I was given.

Part of making the best use of my day is expressing my feelings, living my truth. Jamie referenced an article by Eric Barker in Time magazine about happy thoughts. The article listed five regrets people are most likely to have right before death. Number three stood out: “I wish I’d had the courage to express my feelings.”

Recently, God gave me another chance to share my story, speak my truth, express my feelings to someone. There was no blame to assign, no judgments made, just a clear and honest expression of my feelings. Wow. Why did it take so long?

Vulnerability filled those moments. Like a budding dahlia captured in time-lapse photography, layers of my soul began to unfold.


An honest dialogue ensued, opening doors and shedding light on a path still to be trodden.

So often I told myself an opportunity did not present itself for me to express my feelings. I was most convincing spinning that line. Now, no more excuses. If I do not see an opportunity, I will create one. I cannot live with bottled-up feelings and emotions that make it difficult to breathe. I will express. I will breathe. I will live without regret.

Photo: Dahlia pinnata from Wikimedia Commons



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