In celebration of freedom

As I prepare to celebrate the 4th of July in America, a day that symbolizes independence and freedom, I remind myself there are many around the world or just around the way who live in terror and fear. I may never meet these people individually but I know our spirits meet as our prayers lift and touch in the same sky. We are one.

To all those who dare to dream,

who dare to share what inspires them;

To all those who believe in better tomorrows;

Statue of Freedom

Statue of Freedom

To all those who raise their voices

in defense of those who have none;

To all those who lend a hand or a shoulder;

To all those who share their daily bread and

take time to listen and see the dignity of another;

To all those who breathe the air of freedom and those

who only feel freedom’s breeze;

I celebrate and remember you all year through.

—     Tanya Goodman

Photo: Wikimedia Commons: Statue created by Thomas Crawford for the Architect of the Capitol.


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