Dark sky


The wisdom of the words, “It’s always darkest before the dawn,” offers a modicum of comfort to the one stumbling around in the dark. It may be summer in Florida but my life seems to be wintering in Dead Horse, Alaska, where night is months long.

Summer in Central Florida also means rain every afternoon. The wind picks up, the sky darkens and the cat burrows beneath the nearest coverlet. The crescendo of thunder, punctuated by flashes of lightning, hastens me to find a darkened, somewhat quiet spot.

There are times when I welcome some darkness, stillness — seek it even. Solace waits within. In this time of quiet reflection I examine my spirit.

Becoming still, I hear God.

“Gratitude” is the word I hear. I am grateful for all I have. I am especially grateful for my wonderful, supportive, loving friends. I see God’s light through them. They are the Aurora Borealis in my dark sky.

I realize it’s not so dark after all.

Northern Lights at Yellowknife

Northern Lights at Yellowknife

Photo: Commons.wikimedia.org


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