This pair of geese had been milling about by the shore of a lake when they suddenly both “knew” to take off across the water.

The week ahead will be one of extraordinary good for me. I know this in my bones. The hours will be filled with wondrous moments punctuated by the miraculous. Sometimes the prediction of a good day or week is born from a hope that God will fulfill his promise of restoration to our lives. Sometimes there is just the unquestioned “knowingness.” Today, I possess that “knowingness.”

Today, I plan my steps ahead, seeking and accepting guidance. I remember someone once said God was not a GPS. All of heaven is my global positioning system. Like any GPS, I have to turn it on, listen and follow the guidance. If, as has happened on occasion, I become distracted and miss the directed turn, the system will reroute me. I realize if I had made the turn as directed, I would have missed the road construction and resultant delay.

Such is life.

Today I seek quiet, stillness to hear God’s direction. I prepare to make that turn ahead. I know blessings await me around the corner.

4 thoughts on “‘Knowingness’

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