Inspired to “Find Your Greatness”

Nathan Sorrell, Nike Jogger

Edge-of-the-seat thrills are what I have experienced watching the 2012 London Olympic Games. I have cringed and covered my eyes like many of the parents who couldn’t bear to watch their children compete and fall short yet would not be anywhere else but near their sides. I have been misty-eyed with sadness and joy along with each athlete as he or she stumbled or excelled. In every area of the Games stories of hope, strength and inspiration abounded.

Watching the Games, I found one of the greatest inspirations in an everyday person in a television commercial. Yes, a television commercial. The 2012 London Olympic Games television coverage is offering some of the best commercials ever. They are memorable and moving.

This one, I have talked about and I will replay it like a great motivational speech. Nike did something special when it cast 12-year-old Nathan Sorrell in its “Find Your Greatness” advertisement. For the 2012 London Olympic Games coverage Nike produced a campaign showing ordinary people from towns named “London” around the world seeking fitness.

Nathan, from London, Ohio, T-shirt soaked with perspiration, jogs along a lonely stretch of road. There are no crowds to cheer him on — just determination. He might be 5-foot-three-inches tall, weigh 200 pounds and for now, a short distance jogger, but to me, he qualifies for the gold.

PS I’m going to kick things up a step and buy a pair of Nike’s for my roadwork — on the treadmill.

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