Raising an Olympian

The Women’s Team USA prepares for the final to begin. During introductions before the Artistic Gymnastics Women’s Team final on Day 4 of the London 2012 Olympic Games, Alexandra Raisman of the United States stands with her teammates. London2012.com

Most parents, particularly moms, know the hours it takes to shuttle children back and forth to practice a sport. On ABC World News with Diane Sawyer, Sawyer cited a report that calculated the hours parents of future champions spent. To raise a champion, it seems, parents spend 20,000 hours going back and forth to practice.

I wonder, how many hours do parents also spend waiting and watching their children practice and play? What about the hours spent wondering (and not showing anxiety) if those children will make the team?

Learning the stories of many of the athletes representing their countries in the London 2012 Games of the XXX Olympiad made me realize that parents and athletes work hard together. They share a dream. To them, all the sacrifices are worth it.

Listen to Natalie Hawkins, mother of Olympic gymnast Gabrielle Douglas, share her story.

1 thought on “Raising an Olympian

  1. I never wanted to count the hours and mileage which we recorded to chauffeur, watch, and officiate our children’s athletic activities. I knew it was astronaumical. But we also realize the kids’ sweat, tears and happiness were all worthwhile.

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